purity ring!!!! aka one of the best concerts ive ever been to

On june 15 (yes a very long time ago) Purity Ring performed at the Vogue Theatre!!! I honestly don't listen to them very much but their new album is pretty good so I decided to go and I'm so glad I did because it was one of the best concerts I've been to!! The whole vibe (ugh I hate using that word but w/e) and feel of it was so so nice and happy and everyone there was so fun. Not to mention Megan was a goddamn angel!!! I was super close to the stage too. Here are sum pix :~) (I'll also add vids too but im too lazy to at the moment)


2 girls, 2 art galleries

This summer break is flying by and I've barely been posting on this thing! I can't believe july is ending already (I swear it feels like july just started)

So a while ago (june 9 was it??) Madalene and I spent the day together going to art galleries and eating. Two of our fave tings!!!

First we went to this place on Main called the Wallflower and we shared a breakfast poutine. We weren't too hungry and it was actually quite filling!! And we fucking love poutines lol. I didn't get a picture of the food but here's a picture of the exterior :~) I love neon signs lol

Afterwards we headed to the New Westminster New Media Gallery. The gallery space itself was very small but it was really nice in there. Madalene and I got a tour (we were the only ones there lol). This exhibition is called POPart and all the components involve balloons (pretty cool imo!!!)

This one was particularly creepy to me. It is called Work No. 202: Half the air in a given space by Martin Creed. We were allowed to go inside and try to get to the glass wall on the other side but when you are in there, it is extremely claustrophobic and dark and I was like I'm gonna die in here and never find my way out (ok that's an exaggeration but still!!!). I was like nervously laughing in there but meanwhile in my mind I was thinking fuck it get me out of here!!! When I emerged from the sea of balloons, my hair was an absolute mess (I didn't tie it up or anything and it was clinging to every balloon it passed by!!!) but I could only laugh because I looked so ridiculous. The tour guide said that in other installations, different coloured balloons are used (eg. pink, blue, etc). I wish the balloons were pink because I'm sure the experience would've been a lot more pleasant being in a lil bubble gum pink world.

This piece is Highlight and it is by Ceal Floyer. I found this one really interesting because (from what I remember the tour guide saying) the artist wanted to depict that the characteristic light reflection shape on a balloon in cartoons that shows the viewer that the balloon is round and shiny is in actuality not very realistic at all. The balloon was sprayed matte to avoid other lights from reflecting off of it so the only thing cast upon it is the shape of a (almost) white marking that does not look real at all.

Oh my goodness. This fucking work lol. It's called ADA (analogue interactive installation) by Karina Smigla-Bobinski. It started out with white walls and inside there is a giant ball that just floats around slowly, and each of those black sticks coming out of it is a piece of charcoal. The ball is pushed around the room and it leaves markings where the charcoal meets the wall. And just my luck!!!!! I WORE ALL FUCKING WHITE THERE. So I tried to stay away from that monster haha

 ready to kick the shit out of that monster lmao
 can you see the fear in my eyes

The final piece was Actions by William Lamson. It is a series of 33 video sketches of the artist popping and destroying balloons in different manners. I didn't get a picture of this one but behind the screen (where the projector and a cute exit sign sat) was really pleasing to the eye haha.

Here's lil ol me walking down the stairs of the Anvil Centre where the New Media Gallery is. Check out my one year old roots (it's practically an ombre).

Afterwards Madalene and I went downtown and got something to drink at Small Victory which was such a cute lil cafe!!

 ~wall details~
 Madalene feels awk taking "candid" (lol not-so-candid candid) pics
I look like I'm like "tf that bitch just say bout me?????"

Next we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery (I still can't over the fact that it's abbreviation is VAG. VAG for fucks sake). The last time we had gone was during reading break so it was all new exhibitions to explore hehe. One of the big exhibitions at the time (and it's still there) is Geoffrey Farmer's "How Do I Fit This Ghost in My Mouth?"

 Madz being a good friend and pointing out yellow things bc of my yellow aesthetic

The detail in this next one is superb!!! Each of the little pieces were cut-outs from magazines and whatnot and they were held up and supported by strips made from those same magazines. The cutting was so detailed and it's so cool how all these little simple components make up this huge complex timeline of figures.

 don't mind me

This next installation is Let's Make the Water Turn Black. It was a really sensory stimulating (over-stimulating more like it) piece that involved constantly changing coloured lights, audio clips from radio shows, and theatrical elements consisting of odd and awkward puppet-like objects that moved and produced sounds.

The next work is Beyond the Trees: Wallpapers in Dialogue with Emily Carr. It involved giant projections of fluidly moving wallpapers that changed every few minutes, creating shifts in the atmosphere of the room. I only took pictures with the cute bright ones (lol of course) but many of the other wallpapers were dark and cloudy and reminded me of storms.

*casually adds smiley face bc I may or may not be flashing yall*

And that's the end of this post!!! Here's a pic of me at the last room of our lil VAG adventure (lmao). I call this face "when you realize there's no more art to look at"

Bye!!!! (▰˘◡˘▰) *:・゚✧


i got a tattoo!!!

So I finally got a tattoo after wanting one since forever!!! I took the above pic the next day after getting it and it looks so dry and gross but it's now fully healed and looking cute as hell :~) So I had wanted a tattoo for quite a while but the main issue was that I never really knew exactly what I wanted until I came across this tattoo as well as Olivia Harrison's instagram. So I really wanted a hand holding some sort of flowers and that's when Madalene and I found out that Olivia would be tattooing at a flash tattoo event at Black Medicine. Basically there would be 4 artists there with pre-drawn tats and you pick one, it gets crossed out so no one else can get it, and you get it done right there. So we went there with a couple other friends and lined up for 2 hours (we survived on mcdonalds dont worry). Luckily I was 10th in line so when we got in we went straight to Olivia's flash sheets and I was praying that she would have one of a hand (since she did a couple before) and to my luck she did!!!

Madz and I waiting after we chose our tattoos :~)
:O!!!! I was so nervous at this point lol my hands were sweating
right after I got it done!!!

So I got it on my left inner forearm (close to my elbow). I wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of the pain but it honestly wasn't bad at all!! I thought it would be a lot worse but it literally felt like someone scratching you hard. Plus vibration from the machine lol. In fact I was just laying there staring at the ceiling and I got kind of bored halfway through haha. While getting it done though I was telling Olivia about how I was quite fond of her hand tattoos and tattoos of hands in general and she said that she wasn't even going to put the tattoo that I chose on the flash sheet until the night before! She was like oh well and she threw it on the sheet anyway. She said she must've subconsciously heard my wish haha. I was so lucky!!! Anyway, the entire procedure took ~40 minutes and it costed $80 (not including tip). Madalene got a cute tattoo of 2 lavenders in a similar location to mine (hers is a little bit outer on her arm than mine - mine is like right in the middle of my forearm when I hold my arm out).

The tattoo shop was pretty cute too :~)

Afterwards we went to Matchstick Coffee Roasters in Chinatown because it was super close (about a block or two away) and it was really cute in there!! I got an iced latte as did another friend, and Madalene got a hot chocolate.

dat saran wrap

So yeah!!! My mom wasn't very pleased with the fact that I got a tattoo but she seems to just pretend it doesn't exist anymore (she hasn't said anything or even looked at it since the night I showed it to her when I got home lol) and my dad doesn't seem to care. So oh well. I mean it's not like they can get rid of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway I think some people may feel like what I did was quite rash and naive since I just went and picked out a random tattoo as my first one (which is basically what I did lol) but in all honesty different people have different opinions and perspectives when it comes to tattoo. Obviously some people believe that tattoos must have a meaning and a story behind it but personally for me, I like tattoos because I see them as a nice piece of art on your skin. A lot of people seem to enjoy looking down upon people who get tattoos without a special meaning to them or making them feel bad by saying things like "you're going to regret that in the future" and whatnot which I think is absolutely ridiculous. If I really like a tattoo and it makes me happy because I think it's a beautiful little work of art on my arm, why should I be made to feel guilty about it? Besides, had I not gotten my first one done so spontaneously I feel like I would have continued putting off getting a tattoo and probably end up never getting one. Welp that's just my oniOn :~)))

To end this post here's a pic of a building I spotted while waiting in line ଘ(੭ ᐡ ᵕ ᐡ)੭* ✩ ♡ ˚